Project Description


Answering the demand of innovative and environmentally friendly decorative material, Polyurethane is becoming the first pick for its many convenience. Its ease of installation, low cost, environmental protection, fire and water resistance, and its natural, elegant and luxurious aspect, Polyurethane is the answer to your decorative needs.

Our company brings to you the best of Polyurethane that ranges from European carvings, moldings, wall decorations, and Roman columns. Through the quality itself, our satisfied customers have been using Polyurethane for both indoor and outdoor venues. Polyurethane has been used widely in United States and European for over ten years. It is now our mission to present this trend in Indonesia and give you the satisfaction of reinventing your ideas.

Superior in comparison to gypsum, Polyurethane has many strong points. Beside Polyurethanes strength to withstand damage, it does not produce any fine dust fibers like gypsum, making it safer for your respiratory system. Polyurethane material is also very light, giving you the convenience and flexibility on logistic and lighter workload that help you cut costs. In addition, it is environmental friendly, low carbon and harmless to the environment, helping all of us preserve our Earth.

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