Project Description

Fara’s Living Room Set

Fara understands that sofas play a big part in every space. Starting from the middle of a family room, to a welcoming space for office’s meetings. Fara’s sofas are proudly made by using unique and high quality solid wood materials. Our design teams combine the use of antique wood carving on the sofas to increase the products’ personality.

Complete with customizable fabrics and cushioning, Fara is able to make your very own personalized sofas.



Fara’s Dining Room Set


Fara’s dining room sets are made of high quality solid wood materials. Our designers incorporate the use of unique and antique wood carving on the table and furniture. Fara’s ability and expertise enables us to deliver personalized dining set that displays consumers’ cultural elegance into the whole area.

Not only limited to its use in the dining table, customizable size and design also allow us to create a beautiful table set for your office space.