Project Description



Neitabond Polyester aluminum composite panel consists of aluminum layers on both sides with a polyethylene core. It’s coated with a polyester lacquer. The low weight sheet material can be easily fabricated, making it an ideal material for creative applications both indoors and outdoors.


PVDF aluminum composite panel consists of two layers of  aluminum skin sandwiching a PE core in a continuous extrusion process. The outer surface of panel is coated with PVDF Kynar500 fluorocarbon coating to provide a long lasting, durable finish for wall cladding applications.


NEITABOND NANO PVDF aluminum composite panel is coated with special NANO PVDF coating with excellent self-cleaning feature. It’s widely used in office buildings, shopping centers, industry building, airports, gas stations, such as air pollution requirements on the high places.


Spectra aluminum composite panel shows fantasy decorative effects, especially used in public places for interior and exterior, commercial chains, car’s shops.


Fluoroethylene vinyl ether(FEVE) resins were developed in Japan in the early 1980’s. It is second-generation fluoropolymer coating with a similar level of durability, weatherability, adhesive force, flexibility, and color and gloss retention as PVDF coatings.


NEITABOND embossed aluminum composite panel is made by embossed aluminum coil with high anti-scratch characteristics, it shows various finishing on the surface and make a good choice for the designers.


Neitabond-FR B1

NEITABOND B1 grade fireproof has non-halogen with no smoke and fireproof, it burns without toxic corrosive gas, it is widely used in the external wall façade and cladding.

Neitabond-FR A2

NEITABOND A2 ACP is a new high security wall decorative fireproof material, use noncombustible inorganic material as the core ,the outer layer is alloying aluminum. Face fluorocarbon resin coating for the protective film made of a new type of metal composite material.



Neitabond wood series are the best fusion of nature. Its simple natural texture, realistic color and luster, not only keep the natural disposition of natural wood texture but also bring life a natural sense of affinity. Wood series can fit all sorts of decoration style and create coordination beauty which makes you feel comfortable.

All the designs can be made to PVDF, stereo and anti scratch effect.


Neitabond Marble vividly imitate the subtle texture of marble and easy to clean surface, can be directly wiped with water once dust contamination, with recyclable, anti corrosion features, it is belong to green and environmentally-friendly building materials, has long service life and wear resistance.

All the designs can be made to PVDF, stereo and anti scratch effect.


Neitabond Design series have smooth surface, color diversity, strong and beautiful, strong impact resistance, seismic resistance, easy processing, quick construction, and it has characteristics of adapting various kinds of harsh environment. In line with the world trend, it is the first selection of decorative panel materials. After the products listed, they are respected and loved by the architects, contractors and the majority of users, projects performance is all over the world. Widely used for public places indoor and outdoor decoration, commercial malls, exhibition advertising, auto’s shop decoration and display.



Neitabond-Digital printing aluminum composite panel comes with an optimized lacquer system for direct-to-substrate digital printing showing excellent ink adhesion which allows advanced printing speed. The higher performance means higher output and lower costs.


Due to a variety of superiorities, the Neitabond Signage has already become the most applicable material for the metal curtain wall, one of the top three kinds of curtain walls (natural stone, glass curtain wall and metal curtain wall) and is widely used in constructions of advertising signage.


NEITABOND Brushed panel panel is made by special processing on the original aluminum base. This technique does not only exhibit the unique surface effect of the natural essential color of aluminum, but also equips the product with a combined appearance of the modern and the classical.


NEITABOND Mirror-faced panel is made by doing an anodic oxidation on the aluminum surface to make the product surface as bright as a mirror. It is safer to apply and easier to process into various shapes than glass materials. This technique does not only exhibit the unique surface effect of the natural essential color of aluminum, but also equips the product with a combined appearance of the modern and the classical, now mirror panels are widely used in the interior decoration.


NEITABOND High glossy aluminum composite panel is a new composite material skinned with anodized high glossy aluminum sheets. The lower aluminum skin is chromate treated and polyester coated. It is available in a 3mm 4mm thickness with a choice of 0.5mm skin or 0.4mm or 0.3mm skin and 1220mm,1250mm,1500mm widths.