PT Fara Cipta Kreasi Internasional

PT. Fara Cipta Kreasi International is a leading high quality solid wood furniture manufacturer. We are dedicated to design and produce exclusive collections of high quality wood furniture for homes throughout the world. From contemporary to classic designs, graceful or bold styles, with Fara, we can help you achieve it.

Fara For You

Bring your uniqueness into the room. Let Fara’s furniture be the extraordinary luxurious element for your home. Whatever your style is  contemporary or classic, graceful or bold, we are able to build it for You

Quality Assurance and Sustainability

We design and build with a comprehensive quality control system. Every furniture produced goes through Fara’s thorough quality assurance process. What’s more, our team consists of skilled technicians who have more than a decade of experiences in their fields. At Fara, we only use materials that have fulfilled international standard and meet the requirements of the Department of Forestry and Estate Crops.

The Fara’s Experience

We are dedicated in providing quality services from designing to building and delivering our quality furniture pieces to your home. You can be assured that at every step of the way, you and your furniture pieces are well taken care of. At Fara, we value long-term relationships with our customers